Postcards for the Resistance

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Postcards for the Resistance

Newly designed Postcards for the Resistance. These are 4x6 postcards and come in a set of 10 (either 2 of each design, or all 10 of the same design). Available as singles, but the shipping fee is high for just one, so email me at if you need only one.

25% of the proceeds will go to a rotating charity.
March 2017 charity: Planned Parenthood - donated $76
April 2017 charity: NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) - donated $20
May 2017 charity: Southern Poverty Law Center - donated $17
June and July 2017 charity: ACLU - donated $25
August - December 2017 charity: Transgender Law Center - donated $10
January - August 2018 charity: Emily's List