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      My name is Samantha Barsky, and I am a Northern California native now residing in Bend, Oregon. I am the creator behind note•ify, an eco-friendly, city-inspired paper products and soft goods company.

      Some of the products I fabricate are note cards, gift tags, notebooks, prints, tea towels, and tote bags, each one donning a photo that represents the world around me.

      Originally, I started turning my photos into cards for friends and family. The recipients of my stylistic aesthetic cards encouraged me to sell them in the retail market. Now in my 15th year in business, my products can be found in retail shops around the country. 

      My first collections were inspired from the photos I took on my families’ farms in Michigan. Then, I decided to bring it a little closer to home by documenting the city I was living in, San Francisco. Because the city collection took off, I made a business decision to expand to other cities. Since then I have added a wide variety of products to my line including home goods, gift items, and many more paper products. The feeling of fulfillment comes from creating quality products utilizing my photography, graphic design, and advertising skills. 

      My satisfaction and sense of success comes from the continued increase in my representation in retail shops, as well as from each individual who buys my products from my online shops. My unique process of altering either my original photographs, or vintage illustrations, doesn’t allow for copying, as someone would have to take the exact same photograph from the exact same angle in the exact same conditions, for instance. I add my signature heart balloon to all of the city images as homage to what that building or landmark evokes in people. Then the cards, for instance, are printed on recycled kraft paper, and the soft goods are printed with vegetable based inks, hence the eco-friendly base. 

      Follow me on twitter and Instagram - @noteify and visit my other shop for wedding welcome bags, favors, corporate gifts, gift•ify.